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High Quality Discounted Backlit Printing

Backlitprint.com offers high quality backlit display printing for a discounted price. Our prints are better than Duratrans or other cheaper alternatives because not only do our prints have stunningly rich color and sharpness, they also are viewable as a reflective print during the daytime, they last much longer, and they are water resistant. We guarantee top results.*

We utilize the highest quality material and the latest generation commercial inkjet printers for print production. Our prints are ideal for all types of Duratrans applications, including airport signs, backlit exhibit displays, movie theater displays, etc. 

Try our easy online ordering process to pick your size & quantity, and upload your file. Your prints will arrive in just a few days, depending on your desired shipping time.

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*See our Customer service page for our satisfaction guarantee and return policy.

Customer testimonial

"We tested Backlitprint.com's print quality and are extremely happy with the results.

The illumination looks great and the colors look rich and vibrant with a continuous tone. Since all materials that Backlitprint.com uses are of archival grade, we have switched over from our former duratrans provider to their backlit prints for our current needs.

Their staff is always professional and very experienced at photo retouching. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Backlitprint.com.”

Lorin Horosz
Director of Marketing
Grosvenor Americas

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